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Domestic and Corporate Tracking and Monitoring Services Based in Southeast Michigan

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services Mt. Clemens | Phase Four Investigations - gps1Phase Four Investigations offers GPS tracking and GPS monitoring for vehicles, assets, equipment, property, and people.

At Phase Four Investigations (PFI), we give you peace of mind. Regardless of if you want to track the whereabouts of your teenager, spouse, employee, vehicle fleet, equipment or any other asset or object in need of professional or personal monitoring, we have you covered. You will be provided a login to see for yourself, in real-time, an interactive map displaying the exact location of your state-of-the-art device - allowing access via computer, smart phone, or tablet. If you are only in need of a GPS tracker for a short time and are not looking to purchase one of our units, we do offer weekly rentals.

Our tracking devices are trusted and utilized by many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies across the country. We currently have over 230 GPS tracking units in the field for law enforcement alone. We pride ourselves on the stability and accuracy of our tracking devices, and our growing number of repeat and referred clients are proof of that.

GPS Tracking Services

GPS tracking systems are no longer limited to spies and law enforcement. Our devices have been successfully used in a variety of circumstances, including the following:

  • Investigative cases
  • Service business vehicle fleets
  • Delivery vehicle route monitoring
  • Family welfare situations
  • Law enforcement criminal investigations
  • And More

Our GPS Tracking system delivers live results turn-by-turn in real-time as the vehicle moves! The features of our system are the most advanced on the market.

  • Compact GPS unit
  • Custom printable reports
  • 90-days historical playback
  • Low-cost operations
  • Web-based monitoring, accessible from any computer anywhere
  • Virtual fence entry/exit and speed alert notification by email or text messaging

The PFI GPS systems offer the fastest updates of all units on the market today. When you need to know where a vehicle is now, our tracking system lets you know within seconds.

Our units can be hard-wired or mounted temporarily for short-term monitoring operations. Both options give you the high-quality, reliable results from one of the best tracking systems on the market.

GPS Tracking for Family

GPS tracking of family members doesn't mean you don't trust them. It means that you care enough to want to know they are safe when they are out on the road.

Worried about a new or an inexperienced driver?

  • Where are they?
  • Car trouble?
  • Peer pressure?
  • Traffic violations?

PFI GPS tracking can give you the peace of mind you seek. Real-Time monitoring and historical reports can tell you that your teenager is where he or she is supposed to be, has been following the driving laws, or is on the way home to meet curfew.

Our tracking system reports provide information that allows you to evaluate your teens driving habits, such as speed and driving routes. GPS reports have also been used to successfully defend against tickets for moving violations. Rather than your teen's word against the police officers, you now have definitive proof!

Elderly Drivers

GPS tracking of elderly drivers and those with various medical conditions can help you maintain a sense of peace while still allowing the mobility and freedom they want and need. There are many stories of seniors becoming confused behind the wheel. Look at the benefits:

  • Easily locate disoriented driver
  • Monitoring of driving habits
  • Text alerts when departing home
  • And more!

The PFI GPS tracking system provides the answers to put you at ease knowing your loved ones are monitored and protected from unexpected mishaps.

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is a valuable business tool for any company that provides vehicles for employees to use. Our real-time, online fleet tracking provides a number of benefits to fleet operations management.

  • Monitor sales routes in real-time
  • Locate service vehicles for quicker service dispatch
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Monitor salesperson activity
  • Monitor delivery vehicles in real-time
  • And more!

GPS Tracking of Delivery Vehicles

Private investigators were often hired to follow delivery vehicles to determine if the drivers were following the designated route or if unauthorized stops were being made. The expense of this was prohibitive to most small companies. GPS tracking systems allow round-the-clock monitoring and many other affordable benefits:

  • Significantly lower cost
  • Accurate and reliable information
  • Historical records
  • Driver compliance verification
  • Delivery time validation
  • And more!

A hard-wired PFI GPS tracking unit allows business owners with large and small service-and-delivery vehicle fleets to monitor all of their delivery vehicles simultaneously. A single, life-extending, rechargeable-battery powered unit allows random monitoring of individual vehicles or allows targeted tracking of vehicles.

Heavy Equipment Asset Monitoring

Heavy equipment is a high theft item that may end up in another state or overseas due to theft. Often, equipment is sitting, unprotected, on a construction site or storage yard, which makes it extremely vulnerable to theft. A PFI GPS tracking unit can be installed to ensure this equipment remains on-site by using Geo fence technology, which alerts the owner that the equipment is being moved without authorization. The PFI GPS tracking system and historical reports enable businesses to more effectively manage their vehicle fleets, driving habits, and routes.

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