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GPS Vehicle Tracking Services Sterling Heights MI - PFI - cameraPhase Four Investigations is Sterling Heights's leading choice for private investigations, conducting surveillance, GPS tracking services, and much more. For more than 35 years, Phase Four Investigations has been Michigan's most trusted private investigation company and a leader in surveillance, evidence-gathering, information services and more.

Our team of investigators, surveillance experts, technicians, and process servers are located across Michigan and work diligently to provide the evidence you need. We use state-of-the-art technology and processes to gather, decipher, and organize information. We have worked with large and small law firms nationwide, as well as insurance adjusters, companies, and individuals. Our goal is to meet and exceed your surveillance, evidence gathering, and other investigative needs.

There are hundreds of agencies from which to choose, but there are many reasons to choose Phase Four Investigations:

  • We are credentialed or board-certified in many areas.
  • We are the instructors and mentors of many current and future investigative and security professionals.
  • When traditional methods don't work, we get creative and think outside of the box.
  • We won't do anything that will jeopardize your good name or our reputation.
  • We will keep you informed of new developments and the status of your case.
  • We are committed to success. We will not take any assignment that is beyond our areas of expertise.
  • There will be no "surprise" invoices or "miscellaneous" add-on items. All time and costs are properly documented.

Full Range of Investigative Services in Sterling Heights, MI

Phase Four Investigations is always mindful that, while our job is to collect data, we work with people. We regularly handle sensitive cases involving child custody, infidelity, fraud, and business-related crimes. We handle our cases quickly, confidentially, and with sensitivity to offer you the best service with the least amount of disruption.

GPS Tracking Services

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services Sterling Heights MI - PFI - gpsPhase Four Investigations offers GPS tracking and monitoring for vehicles, assets, equipment, property, and people. Our tracking devices are trusted and utilized by many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies across the country. We currently have over 230 GPS tracking units in the field for law enforcement alone.

Our devices have been successfully used in a variety of circumstances, including the following:

  • Investigative cases
  • Service business vehicle fleets
  • Delivery vehicle route monitoring
  • Family welfare situations
  • Law enforcement criminal investigations
  • And More

Regardless of if you want to track the whereabouts of your teenager, spouse, employee, vehicle fleet, equipment or any other asset or object in need of professional or personal monitoring, we have you covered. You will be provided a login to see for yourself, in real-time, an interactive map displaying the exact location of your state-of-the-art device - allowing access via computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Electronic Surveillance and Investigation Services

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services Sterling Heights MI - PFI - asset2A proper surveillance program entails more than just the ability to watch and observe. Positioning, fitting in with the environment, timing, and human behavior are all matters that must be considered. By complementing the information provided by the client with our developed information and analysis, we will conduct the surveillance to provide the best possible outcome.

Once completed, we provide video and photographic evidence, when available, linked to investigator logs and reports so the client can visualize the events as they unfold. In addition, we stay in contact with our clients to keep them informed and to stay on budget.

We also offer on-location privacy services, including:

  • Bug sweeping of your home
  • Checking car for GPS tracking devices
  • Detecting phone taps
  • Locating spyware on computers
  • Removal of wire taps
  • Detection of cell phone surveillance
  • Securing social media private messaging
  • And more

Video Surveillance and Security Camera Systems

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services Sterling Heights MI - PFI - camera1As part of a comprehensive security operation, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can be an additional deterrent against theft, fraud and vandalism. These surveillance camera systems can perform virtual patrol, enhancing the effectiveness of a physical security patrol.

Whether you are using existing cameras in a system upgrade, installing a new digital system or an IP CCTV system, we are available to help. Our objective is to provide to you with a system that is designed for the protection you need, while still being user-friendly and available at a reasonable cost.

Some of the camera systems we install include:

  • Wireless cameras
  • IP Addressable Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras
  • DVRs & Recorders
  • Nanny Cams
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Systems

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