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Legal Support and Investigative Services for Attorneys in Southeast Michigan

Legal Support for Attorneys Mt. Clemens MI | Phase Four Investigations - attorney1Every attorney needs a reliable resource for their investigation and surveillance needs.

You need to know the answers to all of your questions before asking them at the deposition or trial. You need to know if your client is telling you the complete truth. You need to avoid surprises.

At Phase Four Investigations (PFI), we help you find the data you need involving insurance fraud claims, liability claims, and a full range of business crime and criminal defense investigations. Our highly-trained investigation staff has successfully helped resolve thousands of infidelity, divorce, and child custody cases, as well as commercial crimes. Based on your case needs, Michigan-based Phase Four investigators will conduct surveillance, gather background and profile data, locate assets, interview witnesses and obtain statements to ensure you have comprehensive and accurate information to win your case.

Some of the Services We Provide for Attorneys Include:

  • Discovery and Evidence Gathering
  • Witness Location, Missing Person Location, and Other Location Services
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Background Checks and Profile Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Litigation Support
  • Bank Account Search (Disclosure of Hidden Assets)
  • Identity Theft Investigation
  • Record Retrieval
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Electronic and Video Surveillance
  • Judgment Recovery
  • Probate Disputes

Subpoenas, Summons and Complaints, Garnishments, and Other Civil Process Services

Phase Four Investigations (PFI) is fully capable of handling your document processing needs in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

We specialize in finding those hard-to-locate individuals. Having studied and experienced human behavior and the steps people take to hide, we implement traditional investigative practices and skills developed over years of experience with modern technology.

PFI has joined forces with several State of Michigan court officers to form the largest group of process servers in Michigan, offering next-day, same-day and rush services. Although PFI is not a collection agency, we are routinely called upon to find hidden assets (including bank accounts, retirement accounts, and real estate), and to conduct personal and company background checks and profile investigations for open judgments.

Our agency works at discounted rates for attorneys handling cases involving the elderly, disabled, children, battered or abused women, and people being victimized by stalkers.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Since, as an attorney, defending a client in a criminal case is a time-consuming and tedious task, you need an investigator that is aggressive and capable of compiling, collecting, and documenting the necessary evidence to assist you with your case and mitigating the charges against your client. PFI's criminal investigators have assisted Michigan attorneys with some of the largest criminal defense cases throughout the State of Michigan. Our Michigan criminal investigation team is regularly called upon to assist with cases such as domestic violence, fraud, abuse, criminal sexual conduct, embezzlement and more.

At Phase Four Investigations, our team of criminal investigators in Michigan consists of agents with prior law enforcement experience who have worked not only at the County, State and Federal levels, but also on both sides of the fence regarding criminal investigations. Our investigators are trained to review and assess the charges and investigation conducted by law enforcement agencies against your client. Our team can assist your office with the location of potential new evidence or a witness to assist you in your efforts to clear your client’s name.

Civil Litigation support

At Phase Four Investigations, we understand that civil litigation puts undue stress on all parties involved, whether you are going thru a divorce or child custody matter, being sued or suing another party. Civil cases can be time-consuming and complex in nature, and the often require an experienced support staff to review and investigate different parts of your case. At PFI, we have compiled a team of Michigan-based civil litigation investigators with backgrounds in the areas of financial crimes, computer forensics, counterfeit merchandise, divorce and child custody issues, and much more. Our team routinely work with some of the largest law firms in the State of Michigan, helping them with each and every aspect of their case.

You no longer need to rely upon discovery or subpoenas as your sole source of gathering supporting information or evidence. Allow our team of Michigan civil support investigators help you discover hidden assets, locate supporting documentation, interview witnesses, perform undercover surveillance and background investigations, implement GPS tracking of people and products, and much more. At PFI, we have assembled a team you can count on.

Labor and Employment Investigations

At Phase Four Investigations, we believe in helping businesses stay in business. For over 30 years, PFI has been developing a Michigan-based labor investigation team to help local and nationwide companies protect and defend themselves from both internal and external issues.  

PFI's Michigan labor investigation team is routinely called upon by attorneys and business owners concerning misuse of company assets, FMLA abuse, theft, fraud, drug abuse, violations of non-compete agreements and various worker's comp issues.

All of our labor investigation services are conducted within State employment guidelines and are confidential in nature from start-to-finish.  Our team of investigations will work with company management and their attorney in developing and implementing a service that will cause as little disruption in the business but still develop the maximum results.

Locating Witnesses and Defendants

Do you need to locate a witness, find that missing piece of evidence or obtain a statement? Let PFI's field investigators be your feet on the ground. At PFI, our team of litigation support investigators know how to find a person and find them fast. Our investigation team doesn't just utilize online databases or make phone calls! Although useful, these tools often have limitations. 

Our field investigators have years of experience working the streets of Detroit and surrounding cities in locating witnesses, taking statements and gathering missing evidence to support your civil or criminal case. Our field agents know how to knock on doors and turn over rocks to find your witness or defendants, with a proven track record and a got-the-extra-mile attitude we will contact family members and co-workers, as well as utilize every available resource in finding your person, obtaining your statement or serving your documents.

Physical Surveillance

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words - and that is never truer than when it comes to physical surveillance. Surveillance can help document the activity of an individual conducting activities they are denying involvement in, such as in a slip and fall, divorce, worker's comp cases or non-compete issues. For more information regarding our surveillance services, please see our section on physical surveillance services.

Win More Cases

Phase Four investigators have assisted attorneys with some of their biggest trial cases. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your legal and investigation needs.

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