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Corporate Investigations Mt. Clemens MI | Phase Four Investigations - coporate1“I have a problem. Our sales are up, but our profits continue to decline. It doesn’t make sense!”

Have you made this statement? The situation can be the result of a number of legitimate factors, but if you are on our website, you haven’t been able to find an explanation. Workplace problems are not a new development, and they are predicted to increase.

In our experience, these unexplained losses are often caused by fraud, embezzlement and outright theft. With today’s economic pressures, these types of losses force many businesses to close their doors. Whatever your workplace problem is, Phase Four Investigations (PFI) is a reliable and effective resource that you can turn to for help.

The following are examples of our business services:

  • Background and Pre-Employment Screening
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Customer/Supplier Screening
  • Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse
  • Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Loss Prevention
  • Procedure Violations
  • Security Assessments
  • Security Management
  • Stalking/Harassment
  • Stock, Bond, and Mutual Fund Data
  • Termination Assistance
  • Workplace Violence
  • Vehicle Tracking/GPS
  • Workplace Misconduct
  • Workplace Surveillance

Prevention Measures

If you don’t want problems in your workplace, do what you can to keep them out. PFI provides a number of services to help you. Our pre-employment investigations, also known as background checks, can help you reduce the risk of employee theft, workplace substance abuse, workplace accidents and violence. We will help you design a process that will suit your needs and fit your budget.

PFI’s security assessment services will help you protect your assets, as well as design a comprehensive, integrated approach to safeguard your business. We will conduct a vulnerability assessment, identify security objectives for the organization and operations, and develop mitigation strategies that work for your operation.

Business Due Diligence

A bad business relationship can ruin your company’s reputation, and in serious cases, drive your company into bankruptcy. Given today’s global economy, it’s more important than ever to know about your business partners, including customers, suppliers and vendors. If you think about it, they are complete strangers to you. Even if you have developed a trusting relationship with your business contact, performing a due diligence investigation may reveal some disturbing facts, making the business relationship much less attractive.

You need to have a clear understanding of their business operations, capabilities and financial conditions before you enter into that critical business agreement. Past investigations have revealed false addresses, financial discrepancies, past bankruptcies, poor performance history and even undisclosed criminal or civil litigation histories.

After the Crime

Illegal activity is most frequently discovered after a serious loss. It is not unusual for PFI investigators to discover that criminal activity has been going on for a longer period and that there has been a breakdown in a procedure.

Using the latest methods and technology, in addition to traditional techniques, PFI investigators can identify the culprit and help you in the recovery of lost assets. Our case experience includes fraud, embezzlement, product loss and property theft. We’ve been successful by utilizing a number of investigative measures, including covert cameras, suspect/witness interviews, physical surveillance and any number of other creative measures. Our investigative methods are based on the situation.

In spite of all efforts, people with criminal intent often succeed in victimizing their employers. Once a crime has been discovered, PFI investigators can help identify the guilty party, recover the missing asset and help you remove the opportunity that allowed the crime.

Undercover Operations

Given all of the available investigative technology and techniques today, there are times when an undercover investigation may be warranted. Sometimes the only way to get to the source of a problem is with human intelligence gathering. Workplace issues such as dishonesty, substance abuse, harassment, operational discrepancies, sabotage, safety violations, corporate espionage, and many other matters are examples of cases in which undercover investigations are the sole means of gathering information and resolving the problem in a cost-effective manner.

However, you must understand that they require a high level of planning and a strong commitment. Successful investigations take time and money, the amount of which will depend on the nature of the case.

If you feel you need an undercover investigation, contact us. We will help you evaluate the situation and try to identify alternatives. If the undercover is warranted, we will work with you to devise an appropriate operational plan to gather the information you need. PFI undercover investigators are trained to operate professionally, safely and covertly to uncover the truth behind your workplace issues.

Human Resource Issues

Whether you are dealing with a potential workplace violence situation or employment-related fraud, such as worker’ comp or payroll fraud, PFI is a company you can turn to with confidence.

Workplace Violence and Termination Assistance

There are situations when you know that a termination process, whether for an individual or for a group, is not going to go well. When terminating an employee, especially a potentially hostile one, plan every step of the meeting in advance.

Considerations should include:

  1. A review of their personnel file to determine how they might react
  2. The office in which the meeting will occur
  3. The closest exit, away from the workforce
  4. Any items in the room that could be potential weapons
  5. How the employee retrieves any personal items
  6. Communication of benefit rights, delivery of the last paycheck and any severance pay

If you decide to go-it alone, follow these tips:

  • Don't ever fire someone while you're angry
  • Don’t allow the immediate supervisor to conduct the firing
  • Plan every step of the meeting in advance
  • Have all the paperwork ready
  • Be courteous, but firm
  • Do not negotiate

We can help you develop a Workplace Violence Program, complete with policies and procedures, workplace violence threat assessments, and workplace violence avoidance training for your staff.

Violence is becoming more and more common in the workplace. Workplace violence is defined as any threat of violence or actual occurrence of violence against workers. This can take place on or off site and has a variety of examples: verbal abuse, physical assault, threats, bullying, and even homicide.

Here are some behavioral changes to look for that hold the potential for an employee that may be on the verge of acting out:

  • Habitual Tardiness
  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Paranoid Behavior
  • Easily Offended
  • Decline in Work Ethic
  • Lack of Hygiene
  • Increases Irritability and Negative Verbal Communication

Due to the commonality of workplace violence, prevention is key. Phase Four Investigations can help. We have trained personnel on hand and at your disposal, from assessing the potential for violence, security, termination escort service, and surveillance after the termination to reduce or eliminate any potential for further threats and/or violence.

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Corporate Investigations Mt. Clemens MI | Phase Four Investigations - ctaIf someone causes you a concern, have Phase Four Investigations' protection agents standing by. We are well-versed and experienced in dealing with workplace violence situations before and after the fact.

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