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Insurance Fraud Investigation Services in Metro Detroit

Insurance Fraud Investigations in Michigan | Phase Four Investigations - insurance1Insurance fraud by individuals and organizations has become commonplace.

Fraudulent claims in every category have been rising every year, with no end in sight! Luckily, there are indicators that can tell you when a claim is suspicious.

The challenge is in obtaining relevant and court-admissible evidence for insurance companies, self-insured organizations and attorneys to refute these claims.

PFI investigators use comprehensive investigative methods to achieve cost-effective results. Through traditional investigative techniques, complemented by advanced technology and creative thinking, we have assisted adjusters and attorneys in making more informed, educated decisions when processing these claims.

We know what type of evidence to look for and where to find it, before we begin work on your case.

Our evidence gathering techniques include:

  • Discrete Field Surveillance
  • State-of-the-Art Electronic Methods
  • Using the Appropriate Team of Professionals

We obtain the admissible evidence you need quickly and efficiently. In performing our services for you, we respect the claimant’s rights. Our experience and knowledge of human behavior aids us in gathering relevant video graphic evidence, photographs and written statements. We specialize in documenting the actions and behaviors of those claimants who have filed for undeserved benefits.

Our investigators are fully-trained in State of Michigan personal injury and workers' compensation cases, assigned claims investigations guidelines, and statutory ownership issues.

Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) can provide the following fraud investigation services:

  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Personal Injury Liability Claims
  • Auto Liability & Bodily Injury Claims
  • “Alive and Well” Checks
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Property Claims
  • Disability Claims
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Field Surveillance

Alive and Well Checks

When you need to verify your claimant’s status, Phase Four Investigations is a resource you can depend on. Based on your needs and instructions, we will verify your claimant’s health and activity status. Our service can include a face-to-face personal interview with your claimant to verify the following:

  • Health and Activity Status
  • Employment Status
  • Home Environment
  • Physical Status
  • Hobbies and Activities
  • Telephone Number Verifications
  • Spouse and Dependent Information
  • Photographs of the Claimant and the Residence
  • Interviews with Neighbors

Insurance Fraud Investigations in Michigan | Phase Four Investigations - ctaThese services can be scheduled or unannounced based on your needs to determine that the client is alive, in good health, and is receiving the benefit checks.

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