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Physical Surveillance Services Mt. Clemens | Phase Four Investigations - surve1A proper surveillance program entails more than just the ability to watch and observe.

Positioning, fitting in with the environment, timing, and human behavior are all matters that must be considered.

As a result, Phase Four Investigations (PSI) evaluates each case to:

  • Determine if and when surveillance is most appropriate
  • Survey the possible surveillance area(s) for feasibility
  • Identify which investigators to use and how many to assign
  • Identify what equipment and materials will be needed

By complementing the information provided by the client with our developed information and analysis, we will conduct the surveillance to provide the best possible outcome. Once completed, we provide video and photographic evidence, when available, linked to investigator logs and reports so the client can visualize the events as they unfold. In addition, we stay in contact with our clients to keep them informed and to stay on budget.

Recent Case Studies

Worker's Comp Claimant - Caught in the Act

After several unsuccessful attempts to develop evidence by other investigators, the client called PFI regarding a worker’s comp case in which the claimant stated he could not work due to a back injury. PFI investigators learned that the subject was an avid deer hunter. When the season opened, our investigator followed the claimant one weekend and was able to obtain video evidence of the claimant dragging a deer from the woods and lifting it onto his vehicle.

Afterwards, the subject was followed to a local bar, where he freely spoke to the investigator about his good luck in the hunt, all of which was documented in a report provided to the client.

Cheating Wife - Busted

A husband suspected that his new wife was having an affair. Shortly after the marriage, the wife started a new job and within a short period of time, received a promotion. She soon began buying new clothes of a style that was more revealing than what she normally would wear. Their level of intimacy declined, which she justified by stating that her new job was very demanding and she was too tired. When he was unable to reach her at her office or on her cell phone after hours, she justified it by saying she was in meetings or on other calls.

PFI was retained to conduct surveillance, and we confirmed the husband’s suspicions. She was photographed and videotaped meeting another individual at a local motel. The video and photographs caught the two passionately kissing at the door of the motel room. Further investigation revealed that the two were at the motel twice a week on average, and the companion was an employee at the same company.

Child Custody – Justice for his Son

A father suspected his son was in danger. His son’s mother was dating a man that had a criminal record, and there was a court order that she was not to have their son near her new boyfriend due to this criminal record. Our investigators stayed outside the home over the course of multiple weeks and took video and photographs showing the new boyfriend parking down the street, but walking to the residence and staying overnight on most occasions.

Our client, the son’s father, used our investigative report and supporting evidence (photos and video) to show, in court, that his son’s mother was, in fact, violating the court order. Our client won and his son is now safe where he belongs.

Workplace Violence – Tragedy Averted

A hostile employee was caught stealing from the company he worked for. As a result, he was terminated. Due to the ex-employees threatening behavior, the company called PFI in to make sure all other employees remained safe. We put 24-hour surveillance on the terminated individual to ensure he was not going to come back to the premises and cause any trouble. We followed him for days until he had calmed down, and we could report that there was no alarming activity by the ex-employee and that the coast was clear.

Physical Surveillance Services Mt. Clemens | Phase Four Investigations - ctaWhen you need information, Phase Four Investigations will deliver the detailed reports, photographs, or video evidence you need for your peace of mind, evidence in court, or to make an informed decision and take the necessary actions needed to protect your safety and future.

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