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Licensed Professional Private Investigator in Michigan

About Us: Private Investigator in Michigan | Phase Four Investigations - cameraPhase Four Investigations is a leader in the field of private investigations, surveillance, and evidence gathering.

Our combined experience of over 35 years is the key to achieving the results you need and expect. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured. We use ongoing training and skill specialization to ensure we provide exactly the right team for your case. We are relentless in the pursuit of the facts.

We know you have options when selecting a private investigator or security professional.

There are hundreds of agencies from which to choose, but there are many reasons to choose Phase Four Investigations:

  • We are credentialed or board-certified in many areas.
  • We are the instructors and mentors of many current and future investigative and security professionals.
  • When traditional methods don’t work, we get creative and think outside of the box.
  • We won’t do anything that will jeopardize your good name or our reputation.
  • We will keep you informed of new developments and the status of your case.
  • We are committed to success. We will not take any assignment that is beyond our areas of expertise.
  • There will be no “surprise” invoices or “miscellaneous” add-on items. All time and costs are properly documented.

We Get Results!

We are hands-on with our case management. We don’t merely debrief the investigator or simply read a report. We evaluate the case progress on an ongoing basis to keep the case focused on factual results to maximize the value of your budget dollar. We continue to review investigative procedure and remain up-to-date on developing technology, criminal behavior, investigation methods, and investigative techniques.

At PFI, our clients are real people. We take the time to listen to your story in order to develop a legal, realistic plan of action. After gaining an understanding of what you need or are looking for, our PFI investigators will evaluate whether or not you can benefit from our services. We will not waste your time or money and we will give you the information you need to take the next step.

Integrity, honesty, commitment, quality, and responsiveness are the essential ingredients in all that we do. We offer reliable, cost-effective services at competitive prices, with worldwide capabilities.

About Us: Private Investigator in Michigan | Phase Four Investigations - ctaIf this is what you are looking for in a professional security and investigative agency, contact us today. A discussion of your situation will not obligate you and it will cost you nothing.

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