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"I don’t know how to express the gratitude I have for the help we received in my son gaining custody of his 2 year old daughter, Phase Four Investigations was able to get pictures and video surveillance of our ex daughter in-law disobeying a court order.

I guess it’s like the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words’ this held true in court. Phase Four Investigations made our case in court a strong one and if I had to give someone advice don’t hesitate to use Phase Four
Investigations it’s not worth trying to do it yourself. The cost was very reasonable and the immediate response was remarkable. Thanks to Phase Four Investigations we can now sleep at night knowing our granddaughter is in a safe place."

Private Investigating Client Reviews | Phase Four Investigations - star1

– The Townsend Family, Saint Clair, MI

"I am very grateful to you for the work you did for us last month. Thanks to your hidden camera, we were able to finally prove that we had a thief amongst the auxiliary staff and, because we had hard evidence, his boss relieved him of his duties. I appreciated your prompt attention to my inquiry and your professionalism in installing the system."

Private Investigating Client Reviews | Phase Four Investigations - star1

– Janet, Administrator, Montessori Children's Center

"I have been doing business with Phase Four  Investigations since its inception. The results I receive on surveillance, background investigations, and other services are unbeaten by other investigation firms. Requests are handled professionally, in a timely manner and are never over budget. Phase Four  is at the top of my list."

Private Investigating Client Reviews | Phase Four Investigations - star1

– Vicki, Southfield MI Insurance Adjuster

"During the past two years, my clients and I have benefited greatly from Phase Four  Investigations wide array of professional Investigative services. Possessing a significant background in legal Investigations at both the state and federal levels, your unique investigative skills and contacts have enabled Phase Four  Investigations to successfully fulfill and complete every assignment presented by our office. Utilizing weekends, late nights, or even holidays if necessary, Phase Four  Investigations has always been able to locate that crucial disappearing witness shortly before trial, or somehow personally serve that eluding or evading party. I also never have to worry about forgetting to follow up on assigned jobs or tasks, since your disciplined staff routinely advised my office on the status of every open matter. "

Private Investigating Client Reviews | Phase Four Investigations - star1

– Todd W Attorney, Southfield, MI

"Phase Four  Investigations customizes each request whether investigations or process service to meet the needs of all of our specific situations. They are dedicated to providing the most professional, timely and cost efficient services possible. This group is a necessary tool for any law firm, insurance company, or any business or corporation needing background checks. "

Private Investigating Client Reviews | Phase Four Investigations - star1

– Victoria, Paralegal, Southfield, MI

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